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Don't Let a Dead
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A car without a battery is like a mariachi without a guitar—full of potential but going nowhere. Feel the weight when you turn the ignition? Dim headlights flickering like a dying star? Your vehicle is screaming for a new pulse. Whether you want to save some bucks with our tested used batteries or go top-notch with our brand-new ones, we’ve got the ‘juice’ your car needs to live its best life.

Don't Let a Dead Battery Stop Your Journey

An Orchestra of Batteries,
Each One a Soloist

From a humble sedan to the roaring 4×4, every vehicle finds its soulmate in our inventory. Our refurbished batteries hit all the right notes—tested, trusted, and ready to roll. For the purists, our brand-new batteries come straight from the manufacturers you swear by. No room for a flat note here, amigo.

Benefits That Strike a Chord


Why break the bank when you can have performance at a friendly price?


Each battery, new or used, is an anthem of dependability.

Extended Warranty

Sleep easy with our long-lasting warranty plans.


Do Mother Earth a favor; opt for our recycled batteries.

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Tailor-Made Power Solutions

List of Features:

Used Batteries

Extensively tested to play the long game.

Used Batteries

New Batteries

Unmatched reliability from the names you trust.

New Batteries

Expert Guidance

Our maestros help you choose the right tune for your ride.

Expert Guidance

see the service in action:

Frequently Asked Questions

Every ‘song’ has a different length, but our refurbished batteries don’t quit early, we promise.

Absolutely, it’s like VIP access to peace of mind.

Each is a hit single, tested rigorously to make sure they keep the rhythm going in your car.

Feel free to contact us at Michoacan Auto in Las Vegas for any further questions about Used and New Batteries Service or to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. Our experienced team is here to ensure your vehicle’s safety, performance, and longevity through proper Used and New Batteries Service.

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