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Proper alignment means all four of your wheels are pointed in the same, safe direction. Keeping your alignment in check can extend your tire life, improve fuel efficiency, make your ride more comfortable, and add safety to your next trip.

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At Michoacan Auto, we understand the frustration of a vehicle that doesn’t steer straight or vibrates on the road.

Don’t let misaligned wheels ruin your driving experience in Las Vegas.

Our expert team specializes in wheel alignment services, ensuring your car or truck stays on the right path, providing smoother rides and improved handling.

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Precise Alignment
Services for All Vehicles

Car Wheel alignment

Ensure a smooth and stable ride with our precise car wheel alignment services.

Front End Alignment

Say goodbye to steering issues and drive confidently with our front end alignment.

Truck Wheel Alignment

Keep your truck on the right track with our expert truck wheel alignment solutions.

4 Wheel Alignment

Experience enhanced handling and tire longevity with our 4 wheel alignment service.

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how our wheel alignment works

A wheel alignment is done using an alignment machine that measures your wheel angles. These are calculated and compared against your vehicle’s original specifications.

The technician makes adjustments to the camber, caster, and toe of each wheel as needed.

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A real-time computer readout shows when the target angles are met.

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our steering wheel is checked to ensure it is centered.

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Finally, your vehicle is given a quick test drive.

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see the service in action:

Frequently Asked Questions
About The Wheel Alignment Servive

A wheel alignment, also known as tire alignment or car alignment, is a crucial maintenance service that ensures your vehicle’s wheels are precisely adjusted to meet the manufacturer’s specifications. Proper alignment enhances handling, safety, and tire longevity.

At Michoacan Auto in Las Vegas, located at 3184 E Fremont St, Nevada 89110, we use state-of-the-art alignment equipment to assess and adjust the angles of your vehicle’s wheels. Our skilled technicians carefully inspect and adjust the caster, camber, and toe angles to restore proper alignment while taking into consideration the specific needs of Las Vegas roads.

A wheel alignment ensures that your vehicle’s wheels are parallel and positioned correctly relative to each other and the road. Proper alignment improves steering response, reduces tire wear, and prevents your vehicle from pulling to one side. This is especially important for driving conditions in Las Vegas.

If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side, experiencing vibrations on the road, or your steering wheel is off-center, it’s a clear indication that your wheels may be misaligned. Additionally, irregular or excessive tire wear is another sign that you may need a wheel alignment.

Regular alignments are part of basic auto maintenance. Catching misalignment early means you can correct your wheel’s positions before you have premature tire wear. Cars usually go out of alignment gradually, so it’s important to check it at least annually or twice a year if you travel roads that are washboard, rutted, or full of potholes. This is especially relevant for driving in Las Vegas.

Besides regular maintenance, you should also get your alignment checked:

  • After a sharp impact with a curb or pothole
  • If you go off-roading a lot
  • When tires are wearing unevenly
  • Anytime you lower or lift your vehicle
  • When steering or suspension parts that affect the tire angles are replaced
  • If you notice your vehicle drifts or pulls to one side
  • If the steering wheel is off-center when you’re pointing straight
  • After an accident

Yes. When your wheels are properly aligned, there’s less rolling resistance. Tires with less rolling resistance experience less friction, which may improve fuel efficiency. If the situation continues, the tires will wear unevenly and lead to worse gas mileage. This is particularly relevant for driving in Las Vegas.

No. Alignment and balancing are two very different repairs. Alignment involves adjusting the angles of the wheels, while balancing involves adding small weights to ensure even weight distribution of the tire-wheel assembly. At Michoacan Auto, we provide both alignment and balancing services to ensure optimal performance.

Our wheel alignments include a comprehensive service package, which comprises a tire inspection, pre and post-alignment test drives, steering and suspension inspections, tire pressure adjustment, alignment angle measurements and adjustments, and a printed report showing before and after measurements. Our alignments are covered by a 30-day guarantee, which includes labor.

The cost of a wheel alignment varies based on factors such as vehicle type, location (Las Vegas), alignment type, and shop. At Michoacan Auto, we provide quality alignments at competitive prices, and we always advise you on the type of alignment that suits your vehicle’s needs before performing any work.

Michoacan Auto, located at 3184 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, Nevada 89110, offers full wheel alignment services without the need for an appointment. Our skilled technicians are ready to ensure your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned for safe and efficient driving.

A wheel alignment service at Michoacan Auto, once your vehicle is in our service bay, can take up to one hour. The time frame depends on the severity of the misalignment and whether your vehicle requires a thrust or four-wheel alignment. Our professionals can provide you with an accurate time estimate.

An off-center steering wheel is one sign of misalignment. A wheel alignment may restore the steering wheel to a centered position if there aren’t other undiagnosed problems. When alignment angles are out of the vehicle’s original specifications, steering can feel slightly loose. This condition can be corrected by a wheel alignment. However, if excessive steering wheel movement is observed, there may be worn steering or suspension parts that require attention before aligning.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for information about the original warranty. At Michoacan Auto, we stand behind the quality of our work, and our wheel alignments are performed with precision and care.

Feel free to contact us at Michoacan Auto in Las Vegas for any further questions about Wheel Alignment or to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. Our experienced team is here to ensure your vehicle’s safety, performance, and longevity through proper Wheel Alignment.

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